Manufacturing Facilities
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Plant equipment production and engineering services
  • Equipment for leaf springs
  • Equipment for coil springs
  • Equipment for stabilizer bars and torsion bars
  • Testing equipment
  • Material Processing
Cutting press (CP-200) End Heating Furnace (LEH-100) End Taper Rolling M/C (LTM-200) Long Taper(Parabolic) Rolling (LTM-1000)
Complete Type Eye Rolling M/C (CEM-100) Eye Rolling M/C (LEM-200) Eye Grinding M/C (LGM-100) Heating Furnace (LHF-100)
Heat Treatment Line (LHT-100) Center Hole Punching M/C (LHP-100) Straightening M/C (LSM-100) Press Quenching M/C (LQM-100) Tempering Furnace(LTF-100)
Stress Shot Peening (LPM-100) Primary Paint Dipping (LPM-100) Assembly Comveyor(small) (LAC-100) Load Testing M/C (LLT-200) Baking Oven(LDO-100)