Manufacturing Facilities
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Plant equipment production and engineering services
  • Equipment for leaf springs
  • Equipment for coil springs
  • Equipment for stabilizer bars and torsion bars
  • Testing equipment
  • Material Processing
Coil Spring Production Line (CML-1000) Automatic Wire-End Taper M / C (CTM-400) Heating Furnace (CHF-100) CNC Coiling M / C (CNM-100)
Mini Block Coiling M / C (MSM-100) Pig Tailing M / C (CPM-190) Quenching Tank (CQT-100) Tempering Furnace (CTF-100)
Setting M / C (CHS-100) Cooling M / C (CCT-100) Shot Peening M / C (CPM-300) Pretreatment M / C (CPPT-200) Water Cutting Furnace (CDO-200)
Paint Dryer (CBO-200) Load Tester (CLT-100) Load Tester and Load Type Selector (CLT-200) Paint Ring Burner (CLT-200) Side Grinder (CGM-100)