Manufacturing Facilities
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Plant equipment production and engineering services
  • Equipment for leaf springs
  • Equipment for coil springs
  • Equipment for stabilizer bars and torsion bars
  • Testing equipment
  • Material Processing
Automatic Cutter (SCM-150) Eye Forming M / C (SEF-500) Heating Furnace (SHF-100) Hot Forming (SHB-200)
Quenching Tank (SQT-300) Tempering Furnace (STF-100) Correcting M / C (SSM-020) Shot Peening M / C (SPM-300)
Pretreatment M / C (SPL-100) Water Cutting Furnace (SDO-100) Paint Dryer M / C (SBO-100) Marking Conveyor (SMC-100) Clip Fastener M / C (SCA-100)
Torsion Bar Forger (TUM-100) Torsion Bar Process Line (TEM-100) Torsion Bar Water Hardening Tank (TQT-100) Torsion Bar Dual Cutting M / C (TET-130) Torsion Bar Setting M / C (TPS-100)