Manufacturing Facilities
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Plant equipment production and engineering services
  • Equipment for leaf springs
  • Equipment for coil springs
  • Equipment for stabilizer bars and torsion bars
  • Testing equipment
  • Material Processing
Leaf Spring Fatigue Tester (LET-100) Taper Thickness Gauge (LPTM-300) Rotary Coil Spring Fatigue Tester (CFT-600) Coil Spring Vertical Fatigue Tester (CVFT-300) Complex Load Tester (MLT-20)
Road Simulator(SRS-250)&Load Testing M/C(LTS-450) Stabilizer 2-axis Fatigue Tester (SFT-225) Stabilizer 1-axis Fatigue Tester (SFT-300) Torsion Bar Fatigue Tester (TFT-100) Multi-axis Controlled Vehicle Tester(MRC-150)
Potable Vibration Tester (EHS-500) Road Vehicle Tester (SRS-350) Hydraulic Unit (HPU-400) Electro-Hydraulic Linear Actuator (EHLA) Rotary Valve Spring Fatigue Tester (WFT-100)
Brinell Hardness Tester (DBT-100) Oil Mist Collector Shot Peening Impeller Unit - -